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Carbon Foam Team

William Bennett

President & Chief Executive Officer of CarbonFoam

William "Bill" Bennett is the founder of CarbonFoam having pioneered the early development of our techniques in both manufacturing and tooling of the base product. With a degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT, as well as a Masters in Business Administration from Northeastern University, Bill has the rare combination of technical insight and business acumen. 

Patrice Williams

SVP Research & Development, Chief Productivity Officer

When it comes to meeting deadlines and maintaining the highest standards of quality, CarbonFoam relies on Patrice Williams. Not only do our products have to meet our customers expectations, they also have to be manufactured in a way that keeps the price affordable. This takes incredible planning and attention to detail. Patrice focuses her time on meeting equally with our customers and our manufacturing team.

Gary Thompson

SVP & Chief Financial Officer 

Gary has been the CFO of CarbonFoam since its inception over 10 years ago. As the company has undergone rapid expansion Gary has maintained our solid financial structure which has allowed us to innovate and lead the field. CarbonFoam has been a profitable entity every year it has been in existence. This is a rare feat in todays environment of highly leveraged companies funded by Venture Capital organizations. CarbonFoam relies on Gary to maintain not only our financial strength, but just as importantly, our independence.

Jennifer Smith

SVP Research & Development, Chief Technology Officer

At its core Carbon Foam is a technology entity, pushing further and further to leverage the fantastic possibilities that carbon based foam offers. Every day we strive for 2 things; to serve our customers with our present day capabilities, and to perform critical research to improve upon what our products can do. Jenny has been pushing the envelope of carbon foam as a base product since its inception into the industrial market place. 

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Austin Jacobs

Senior Vice President of Finance

Austin was brought on board to head up our investor relations which includes our general purpose funding and our anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO).  The growth and strength of CarbonFoam has allowed us to attract capitol investment from industry partners as well as individual investors who are keenly aware of our position as leaders in the market place. If you are interested in learning more about investing in CarbonFoam, including our impending IPO, please contact Austin.


Jonathan Bettencourt

Senior Vice President of Sales 

Jonathan “Jon” Bettencourt is responsible for our global sales force comprising both in house personnel and independent dealers and product reps. Jon has personally brought on many of our largest customers such as Boeing, Mitsubishi and Owens Corning. His ability to sell our products to Fortune 100 companies and provide management to our entire sales team has made him an invaluable part of CarbonFoam. If you are interested in joining the CarbonFoam sales team please contact Jon.


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