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CarbonFoam is the worlds largest provider of carbon based foams for industrial, safety and home applications.

We are the originators of using carbon based foam materials as a base component and tooling method.

  • From aerospace and defense to jets and communications systems, our carbon foam products provide safety and security!

Our innovation to develop and produce the best possible products and services is what drives us to succeed.

  • And we look toward the future and embrace the changes that come our way!

We provide carbon foam materials to assist in many industries including military and armed service members in order to keep them safe as they serve our country.

  • We are proud to announce that we began expanding our products to work in the boating and shipping industry as well.
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About Our Team:

CarbonFoam is made up of a community of employees that are dedicated to providing the best quality product available. Each member of our team has the passion and drive to support our organization’s success. We work every day knowing that the products we provide have the capacity to provide a positive impact on the world. All of us at CarbonFoam can’t wait to see what the future brings - and we are getting closer and closer every day!