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Carbon foam is designed to meet growing demand for ultra-high performance engineering materials in the military, industrial, aerospace, and commercial product markets.

Carbon Foam is a non-combustible material that does not get hot and does not burn. It exhibits both excellent mechanical and thermal properties making it an ideal engineering material for high end applications including aerospace tooling, fireproof walls, energy absorbing structures, blast protection systems, thermal protection systems, exhaust systems, hot structures, and panels for shielding and radar absorption.
Carbon Foam is an extremely hard, high strength, high-density carbon with a dark slate-like appearance. It can be customized to a smooth or coarse surface finish to meet application requirements.
Carbon Foam has the potential to be used as an engineering material for rocket nozzles, high temperature/high impact surface material for vertical take-off and landing pads, furnace floors or other industrial application requiring excellent high temperature performance and chemical resistance.
Carbon Foam is enabling technologies for a host of next-generation material systems and components. It can replace conventional materials in existing systems to increase product life cycle and to provide enhanced product performance properties.