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Together with our loyal and long time investors, CarbonFoam is moving toward an IPO which will make investing in us easy and rewarding.

Current Investors

For more information, including the prospectus for our IPO as well as desired forms for taking part in this initial offering, please click here.

Prospective Investors

For potential new investors, you can submit an application as well as obtain from us the answers to any questions you may have. We can guarantee to those just getting started with us that we will lead you through this simple process and provide any guidance along the way. For more information please click here.

Contact us for anything else you may need. We enjoy talking with our investors!

Our Investor Relations Team is headed up by our Senior Vice President of Finance, Austin Jacobs.
Carbon Foam Our Team

Austin reviews all applications for potential investors and may contact you for further information. Upon your decision to pursue an investment in CarbonFoam, you will receive a request for accreditation verification. If you are selected, you will receive access to our investor presentation and related fund materials as well as direct access to a member of the Investor Relations Team to act as a liaison and answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about our fund offerings, please provide us with some information about yourself and your interests by completing our short form, please click here.

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