Carbon Foam offers an alternative to conventional tooling materials which include steel and aluminum. With the boom of carbon foam innovation, we have been able to provide a simpler, stronger, and safer material that revolutionizes the tooling industry.

Carbon foam is the material the construction industry is moving towards. The carbon fiber-reinforced resins create a higher strength-to-weight ratio – therefore providing more stiffness and making tools less susceptible to corrosion.

Benefits of Carbon Foam Composite Tooling:

Simplifying Tool Design:
Carbon Foam offers an alternative to conventional steel and aluminum tooling. Tooling must be low cost, rigid, durable, thermally stable, and offer a low CTE. Carbon Foam provides a simplified tool design, shortened manufacturing time, and an overall improvement to fabrication costs. Learn more about how our Carbon Foam can help your business today!

Thermal Properties:
Carbon foam has a very uniform thermal expansion when compared with it’s metal alternatives. This dimensional stability enables composite tooling to more closely match its composite parts.

High Performance Material:
With lower manufacturing costs and lightweight materials, carbon foam composite tooling manufacturing is both a rapid and durable tooling method. Tooling is now easier to repair with developments being made in surface coatings, including continuous and chopped fiber with BMI resins.

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